Youth at ABC

From connecting to youth and the rest of the community, to outreach, to equipping the next generation of leaders, youth is a strong focus of ABC.

The youth of the Agincourt Community and Agincourt Baptist Church reflect many of the values of the church. To that end, there are many programs we are engaged in that reflect our mission.

Friday nights!

Every Friday night is youth night at ABC. Led by our youth leaders, each night starts at 7:30 and begins with some fun and games. After the games, everybody gets a rest with some snacks and time to discuss God’s meaning in our lives with Bible study and time to hang out and talk. It’s an awesome time to build friendships¬†and support each other.

Wednesday Pizza Drop In

During the school year, every Wednesday we invite students from the local schools to join us for pizza to provide a nice, safe place to hang out.

After-school Drop-in

We open our gym to students from the local schools to play after school. Every school day at 3:15, students are welcome to use our gym for sports and to hang out. This is our effort to provide a safe, supervised and fun place to play.

Want to join?

Are you a youth looking for a place to be welcomed? Looking to hang out? Alternatively, if you’d like to help, we’re always in need of volunteers!