Connect with us

There are many ways you can connect and participate with us, either as a silent participant or as an active volunteer. We are a church that is intensely passionate about connecting each other to God through worship, prayer and discipleship.

For a full listing of events and when various groups meet, please go to the Events Calendar or Listing.

If you have any questions about times or locations, please do not hesitate to contact the church office and we will be happy to direct you.

Worship Service

We have a worship service every Sunday led by the Pastor and many different members of the congregation. The music is a mix of both traditional hymns and contemporary praise music.

For more information about our worship service, please click here.

Small Groups

We also have many small groups and various events and functions you can join, that are happening throughout the week or before or after the Sunday service.

Check out our Small groups page to find out more.


One of our core values is that we are intensely passionate about Missions and the Word of God around the world. Check out our Missions page if you’d like to learn more about the areas and programs we participate in.

Leadership Team

The leadership team of ABC is always looking for engaged, passionate Christians to join in building God’s Kingdom in Agincourt. To learn more about the leadership team at ABC, click here.


The youth of the Agincourt Community and Agincourt Baptist Church reflect many of the values of the church. To that end, there are many programs we are engaged in that reflect our mission.

For more information about the many ways we connect with youth, click here.


If you’d like to support our ministries financially, you can donate to us online! Payment processing is handled by To read more about them, see their about page.

If you’d like to learn about donating to ABC’s ministries or donate, click here.

Still unclear?

We hope we’ve answered all your questions about getting involved with our ministries. However if we haven’t, please let us know. Thank you.