Our Vision: Sharing Christ with our Community

We carry out this vision for the community more specifically through our core values


Connecting, Outreach, Mission, Equipping


We are a church that seeks to connect each other to God through worship, prayer, and discipleship.


We are a church that does local outreach among adults, youth, kids, students and seniors.


We are a church that is intensely passionate about global missions, the Word of God in the world.


We are a church that desires to equip godly leaders.

This is how we intend to further God’s kingdom. The purpose of a vision statement is to give us our direction.

Once we have completed it, we WILL choose another ONE.

Questions? Want to help us?

If you have any questions about our vision and values, please ask us. If you’d like to help us carry out this vision for the community, please join us at our Sunday morning service. Get to know us, speak to the pastor or a deacon and find out how you can contribute.