Report by Carole Davies, Chairman of the Board of Deacons

As Chairman of the Board of Deacons I want to extend my thanks to everyone for your contribution to our church family in 2017. It is only through your contributions of time, gifts and service that we can continue to share Christ in our community.

This vision statement is a pretty bold undertaking and one we all continue to strive to achieve. Everything, from our Summer Splash, Alpha, Snack Attack, Youth Programs, Rally Weekend, Keepsake Christmas, Out of the Cold to Camp Agincourt and other ventures, is aimed at living out our vision. These efforts can only bear fruit with your involvement and the Board joins me in extending our thanks.

Another feature of your service that so often goes unappreciated but is vital to our church health is your service within our church family. By this I mean your service for the important everyday functions of our church. It is those who serve coffee after service, those who put up and take down our decorations, those who help with special occasions, those who help with our cleanup Saturdays, our tellers, those who serve on committees, those who take part in our music ministry, those who take part in small groups and many others that find ways to serve the Lord and unite us as a family.

I extend my thanks to the members of the Board who continually show their love of the Lord and their dedication to our mission. I am humbled every day by their dedication and love. I want to extend our gratitude to two members who are stepping down this year, Marilyn Kimberly, who has been on the Board since 2012, and Tom Chow, who joined the Board in 2016.  I also want to welcome Sunjay Henry who joins us this year.

I also want to thank Pastor Matt and Benson for the tireless work they do every day to provide leadership to our church. A thank you to Stuart Daniel who goes far above the job of custodian on a daily basis. Thank you also to Emily Crouse who took over our office administration in July and continues to look for ways to reach our community.  The smiles from our staff continue to offer encouragement to all of us.

2018 promises to be an exciting one for us as we celebrate the 65th Anniversary of our Church.  It is good to remember that our church was founded by a few individuals starting out at the Agincourt Community Centre. We have dedicated Founder’s Hall to their memory. This small group had a vision for a church in Scarborough and they had the faith in God to act on that vision.  We now carry on their vision and continue to search for ways for Agincourt Baptist Church to be force for the Lord in this portion of His vineyard.

God bless you all as you continue to search for ways to serve the Lord and spread His Glory.


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