by Joyce Chow

This year, ABC held its annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) from August 21-25. The campers were taken on a journey to Ancient Rome where they heard stories about Paul and his experiences there. Campers also had their own experiences in Ancient Rome as they navigated their way through an ancient Roman marketplace and participated in various hands-on Roman activities.

As a volunteer, I was a merchant with a stall in the marketplace where campers learned about togas, as well as made and decorated sandals. This year’s experience as a volunteer at VBS was special in that my role as a merchant was my only role for the day. This allowed me to invest fully in my character by dedicating more time in preparing for my station and interacting with the campers.

I call ABC my home church but having moved out of the neighbourhood in the last couple of years has made it difficult for me to be involved in as many church programs as I would like. However, volunteering at VBS  allowed me to reconnect with the church and foster deeper relationships with church members. Every year God uses VBS as an opportunity to teach local children more about Him. Similarly, every year God uses VBS for me as an opportunity to bring me back to home base: ABC.

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