So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith. – Galatians 6:10

Agincourt Baptist Church is blessed to have so many volunteers who serve faithfully and are motivated only by God’s love and spreading it to others. This week, we’re featuring Alan Yoshiki, youth Sunday school teacher (and also auditor of the church finances).

Here are some of Alan’s thoughts of his many years of service at ABC:

How long have you been serving as Sunday School teacher at ABC?

I have been teaching the youth at ABC for 27 years and before that I taught at my previous church, Mimico Baptist for about 10 years. In total around 37 years!

What are some of your most memorable moments?

  • In general watching the youth enter my class shorter than me and watching them leave taller than me and praying that they learned something in my class to help them in their Christian growth.
  • Johnny Keidann repeating back to me something he learned in my class a few years back when I didn’t even think he was listening back then.
  • The surprise thank you party the youth class held for me.
  • Taking the youth class to help out at the Sunday services held at Sunnybrook Hospital during the time of Dr. Lee.
  • Teaching all 4 of my own kids.
  • Asking the class to spell Ecclesiastes during our annual games Sunday.
  • Youth looking up Bible verses using their phones instead of using Bibles – technology is wonderful but put a damper on Bible sword drills that a lot of us older members remember doing.
  • Seeing our young people make the decision to be baptized.
  • Watching our youth mature into wonderful Christians and participate in the church service and activities.

Why do you enjoy doing it?

I have always said that I learn as much from our youth as they learn from me! It has been a rewarding experience over the years as each generation of youth face different but many similar challenges in their teenage years. I have always felt that it is good to let them ask and question Christianity and the Bible during this important growth period in their lives. I have always considered it my responsibility to help them understand what God has in store for them and how the scriptures are an important source for guidance and direction in their Christian lives.

Alan Yoshiki is much beloved by the entire congregation and especially by the youth. He is known for his quiet but strong leadership as a Sunday school teacher. He also plays a vital role in auditing the church finances to keep us financially sound. Without him, ABC would be missing an important component in fostering leaders and connecting with our youth. Thank you Alan!

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