Why-Pray-2013This small, easy to read book, is available only from Mission India itself at a reasonable cost. It very much suits individual reflections or small group study.

Irwin Lutzer, the Senior Pastor of the great Moody Church gives the forward and I found his his first sentence absolutely true. It is:

“This little book has the potential to revolutionize your prayer life.”

He says this book:

  1. Is unique
  2. Stresses what we need to hear
  3. Demonstrates the power of the life and experience of its author.

Lutzer ends his comments by saying. “Read a few pages a day and practice what you read. Remember, prayer changes things.”

The subtitle says “40 Days-from words to relationship” and that is exactly what this book achieves. When the reader does one reading each day and reflects on the content, at the end of the 5 weeks the reader has gone from speaking words to God, to an intimate relationship with God.

This is a very practical book—showing us how effective prayer is—with some concrete examples in each chapter title. There is nothing mysterious or impractical: it’s so very simple and yet effective.

The chapter titles reveal the book’s simplicity:

  • Chapter 1: WHY PRAY? It gives reason and proofs why we would want to pray.
  • Chapter 2: WHY PRAY FIRST? So often, we pray last, if at all.
  • Chapter 3: WHY PRAY FOR NEIGHBOURS? Before and after statistics are given.
  • Chapter 4: HOW SHOULD WE PRAY? So very easy and helpful.

The closing epilogue ties all the chapters together.

Just one of the proofs of prayer’s effectiveness given in the book is featured in the following story: A group of Christians began an experiment: they decided to do prayer walks every Wednesday night, through the mall that had the highest incidence of shoplifting, violence and police calls in their city. They prayed for peace and security of the people in the mall. They did this for several months. That Christmas, that mall had the least amount of shoplifting , violence and police calls of any in the city.

If prayer seems mysterious to you, or you want help in how to pray, or if you want to know if it really works, get this book.

To buy this book online, you can go here.

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