Right from Bathurst, in the middle of her mission trip, we get another post from Annie Cullen-Keidann! In it, we get to hear of her experiences day-to-day in helping the Bathurst community and preparing for VBS. This was posted originally on her blog here.

I can’t believe it’s already been a week! So many great things have been happening, there will be plenty of stories to share when we come back. But until then, here’s a simple description of what we’ve been doing on the mission trip.

Day 1: Sunday
The commissioning service was great! The congregation is so supportive of what we do in Bathurst, it was good to be able to get them involved and to say goodbye. As we departed, the ride was surprisingly smooth. We took less stops we didn’t get lost or stuck in traffic. That night, we stayed at St.Andrew’s in Quebec City. The surrounding area is beautiful, filled with old buildings, sloping sidewalks, and tons of people.

Day 2: Monday
On the road again! Being stuck in a car for two days isn’t always fun. When we finally arrived at our destination, most of us were reunited with St.Luke’s but Alyssa, Torre, Landie, and Kofi got to see it for the first time. We were especially excited to be able to eat a homemade meal instead of fast food! We were also able to meet a lot of the members of the congregation, and introduce ourselves to them.

Day 3: Tuesday
Glen took us for a walking tour around the town. He took us to the waterfront, the gazebo, the tower and showed us a monument placed in memory of the high school basketball team that died in a bus accident. Later on that evening, we joined up with Chaleur Generation, a bilingual youth group to play soccer. It was great to see some growth in their group as well as ours, and to simply help them out by being there for their events.

Learning the Actions for Songs

Learning the Actions for Songs

Day 4: Wednesday
Before we started setting up for VBS, we started some leader training. We learned this year’s songs, and came up with ways to become effective leaders. Everyone chose their stations for the next week. This was when I was reminded why we came to Bathurst in the first place, to serve the community and share the gospel with families through VBS.

Swimming in the Ocean

Swimming in the Ocean

Even though the weather wasn’t great, we made some time to visit the beach. Some of us went swimming, while others enjoyed the view or played football in the sand.

Day 5: Thursday
Those who had VBS stations started to read their scripts, set up, and decorate. To make decorating more fun, we were put into four groups and had a stained glass window making competition, which sounds a lot easier than it really is. That afternoon, our group split up into three in order to start service projects. One group went to Campbellton to start setting up for their weekend VBS. The second group volunteered at the homeless shelter, folding and organized donated clothes. The third group that I was a part of, helped Eleanor, a member of St.Luke’s by painting her house and helping in her garden.

Day 6: Friday
The Campbellton group started VBS and had a great time even though they only had three kids show up. The rest of us helped Sharon, another member of St.Luke’s by pulling weeds in her small farm. Her family usually helps her during the summer, but they have moved away from Bathurst in order to find work. Then we spent another evening playing volleyball with Chaleur Generation.

Day 7: Saturday
VBS continued in Campbellton, while everyone else went to the local farmer’s market for breakfast. This is the last year before it gets replaced with a larger market where the prices for tables will go up. In the afternoon, we didn’t have anything planned, and most of us got some well needed rest.

Please continue to pray for us as we start VBS this week at St.Luke’s!

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This post was excerpted from Annie’s blog, The Earth is Yours. Check it out and read more about her experiences, thoughts and challenges in living a life with Christ.

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