youth mission tripThis summer, a mission team from Agincourt Baptist Church is making the trek again to St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church in Bathurst, New Brunswick. This is the third year that ABC is making its Bathurst Mission Trip, and it will be from July 14 to the 29.

In the past it was mainly done by the youth of ABC. This year however we are encouraging adults to get involved and make it a collective effort. We will be partnering with St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church with their children’s ministry and other local projects.

Mission Team

The mission team from 2011.

The Team

Our team of 18 from Agincourt is led by our Pastor, Matt Sampson as the main director along with his programming team of Esther, Alyssa and Stuart. The programming team is primarily responsible for the overall logistics of the trip, along with the partnerships and initiatives that we will be serving in Bathurst. There is also a discipleship team is a part of the broader leadership development program at Agincourt. On this trip it will be made up of Christian, Shoolie, Chrystina Costa, Landie and Joshua Daniel. They oversee the small group ministry and spiritual care of the group as well as the evening worship. Benson is serving at ABC as the youth program intern and will be helping coordinate the overall program and how it fits into the scope of Agincourt Baptist Youth ministries.

St Luke's Presbyterian Church, Bathurst New Brunswick

St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church

St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church

St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church is a small Presbyterian Church serving the Bathurst community. This church has been in existence since 1946. St. Luke’s is seeking to establish itself as a valuable presence in the Bathurst community through serving young families and those in need. ABC’s Bathurst Mission Team has been invaluable in growing their efforts there.

Bathurst, New Brunswick

Bathurst is a community in need. There is much unemployment and poverty in Bathurst, which makes the need for Missions in this town all the more pressing. The economic situation has created a need for spiritual care and hope for the Gospel which we hope to bring to the Bathurst community through our partner at St. Luke’s.

The trip map

The trip from Agincourt, Ontario to Bathurst, New Brunswick

The Trip

On July 14, the mission team will be making the 1,300km trip to Bathurst, New Brunswick in two rented vans and Matt’s car. It will take approximately 22 hours of travel. Along the way, they will be stopping in Quebec City for a pit stop and rest. Esther Davis will be the primary navigator during this time, making sure the team is on the right track.

Helping a senior's farm in Bathurst

Helping a senior’s farm in Bathurst

What are they doing?

There are many needs in Bathurst, and the mission team from ABC will be helping with many of them. Primarily, the mission team will be helping St. Luke’s run a Vacation Bible School for many of the children of Bathurst and the surrounding community. However, there are also many seniors who are in need of help which they will also serve. In addition, we also help the local community shelter to support those suffering from the local economic hardships. Our other major partner is Chaleur Generation, a local network of youth pastors who seek to create a bilingual youth ministry in the area. Our main focus in partnership with them is leadership development and training as well as partnering with other local worship events.

How can you help?

There are many ways you can help the mission team. First and foremost, the team is in need of your prayer. Prayers for a safe trip, for God’s leading and also for an opening of people’s hearts.

In addition, financial assistance is always appreciated as there are costs in getting there, in food and other travel costs. Our budget goal is $4,500 and we have raised to $2,338. That means we still need to raise $2,161 to reach our goal.

If you are interested in learning more or helping, please contact Pastor Matt Sampson.

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