Greetings from Costa Rica. I have been involved in being invited to visit or to share God’s Word, or taken out, and help giving out food to the poor in a poor community, or counseling a number of people a number of which are university students. My Spanish is quite rusty but we communicate and it is easier speaking with those who can speak some English. I was asked to speak to up to 25 or thirty youth.

I spoke on the dangers of being religious without a heart change, on that occasion I had 3 supposedly bilingual persons, two of which were males to help me in Spanish in giving the message; interestingly, one had studied some ESL in Toronto. One family took me to an International Park Amistad (friendship) near the Panama border and I was told that we were about 1580 meters above sea level. The Air was light but fresh and the stars much more in number and more brilliant than in the city. One gentleman that lived with us in C R for some years and later became a policeman and now he is a specialist in criminology. He took me to another wild life park in another part of the country and I was able to share more of the Word with him and apply it to his life. I have been in touch with a number of university students. It amazes me how the Lord brings people into one’s life and I have then the opportunity to try to apply Scripture to their problems and struggles or encourage them in seeking the Lord in planning for their future. To do this I must try and understand where their thinking is and what are their natural gifts and personality and what their values are. Prayer is very important in counselling.

I have approached concerning very complicated division problems in one particular church; it has meant trying to understand the law as it applies to this congregation. God is able to do the impossible; we can never give up when working for the Lord. God bless you all, as I am called away again, a fellow servant of all who serve the Lord,


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