Dear Agincourt Baptist Church family,

Hello and greetings and many thanks for being part of the work in which I am involved; many prayers have been answered wonderfully through a series of circumstances over and above my doing.

The most amazing answer to prayer was the process in which this young man decided to leave his room and visit with me a few times and return to University to complete his engineering degree. As I need to take walks with someone, I requested that he join me by walking in some parks and in so doing it is easy change topics being distracted by what we see.  I challenged him to be courageous and suffer the pain to overcome by setting the goals required to change his future.  His Mother profusely thanked me for praying and talking with him as I was leaving Peru; this was God’s doing to accomplish this in impossible short time. Different members of the family realized the miracle. Praise God.

Yesterday I arrived safely in Costa Rica after a safe but bumpy flight. The first night I arrived, thieves broke into one of the poor churches (in Los Alpes) established by the Korean missionary whom I do my best to help. She is involved in two poor churches in areas where refugees from Nicaragua since the civil war decades ago; many of the adults could not go to school because of guerrillas and escaped to Costa Rica where they squatted on empty land and established communities without what we consider essentials. Gangs with guns and knives are in both areas; locals keep away from these areas although one area (Carpio) has improved somewhat in safety because of police presence; in the other area the police are greatly out numbered many times over and therefore at best drive by, except in cases of shootings. Praise God many poor are blessed by responding to the Gospel.

I must start contacting people I know here.

Blessings be upon you all at ABC in seeking the Lord’s blessing in your lives,

A fellow servant,


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