Dear Agincourt Baptist Church family,

Thanks for your prayers. The professor that I previously referred to has continued to come to the church with me each Sunday; he is motivated to take me as a friend of the family as I need someone to take me; what was encouraging is that his understanding of the gospel message has been growing.

Regarding the very depressed university student referred to previously, did come to see me and consented to walk in the park with me as I needed exercise. This gave us an opportunity to communicate casually and spontaneously and to change the topics by what we could see. I also had the opportunity to share the importance of not only what we feel in the present, but the past and future and how these impact our lives our in the present. The emphasis I placed was that Scripture reveals that we must move into the future with hope and courage despite the distress of emotions which cry out for comfort when we have proceed to overcome negative feelings  (without hope, we give up). At least the opportunity was given to help him think and plan for the future; that was an answer to prayer. Deep depression grows with time and takes character strength, courage, and a will to change focus — this also takes time to deal with well-entrenched painful emotions.  Prayer is part of the necessary process of recovery; God may use prayer to turn such cases to the Lord …. step by step.

Re the family that are going through much upheaval. Again an answer to prayer:  just the time I visited this family at their cottage for the first time, a long time Christian friend of the family also came for the first time to visit.  Both of us had given similar advice and thereby reinforced the effect; previously both our advices were rejected because although Biblical, was not logical from their point of view. It is necessary to reveal consequences that flow out of our decisions. When advice you do not like comes not only from counsellors, but friends as well, greater force is brought to bear resulting in what may well reduce hostilities.

Blessings on you at ABC,

Grateful for your prayers,


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