Reviewed by Marilyn Kimberley

“You will be moved by the honest, childlike simplicity of a little boy who has been heaven. It’s compelling and convincing. It’s a book you should read. If you’re ready to go to heaven, this book will inspire you. If you’re not ready for heaven, allow a little child to lead you. As Coulton says, “Heaven is for real.” – Don Piper

Anyone who wants confirmation of what the Bible says about heaven will be spellbound when reading this short, easy to read book. Coulton Burpo died for 3 minutes, just a few days after his fourth birthday, but was returned to this world by Jesus who answered his father’s desperate prayer. Jesus was also answering the fervent prayers of an interdenominational group of 80 people gathered all night in their church back in their tiny hometown. Coulton returned to life so quickly that the parents had no idea he had died, although they knew he was dangerously ill with little hope of recovery.
In the years after his miraculous recovery, young Coulton occasionally would reveal his heavenly experiences to his family in casual conversations. Coulton had never read the Bible (since he was just four years old) but his experiences matched the Bible’s descriptions of heaven.

He told his parents that he met his sister in heaven. They were puzzled because Coulton’s only sister, Cassie, was fully alive. Coulton said, ’Not Cassie—I miss my sister who died in your tummy, Mommy!“ Coulton’s mother had suffered a miscarriage in her second month of pregnancy years before Coulton was born, so Coulton had never known about the miscarriage. His parents, Sonja and Todd, had never even realized the baby had been a girl! Coulton also talked of meeting his great-grandfather “Pop.” Pop had died at age 61 about 15 years before Coulton was born, but Coulton later identified a picture of 29-year-old Pop. However, Coulton did not recognize pictures of the older Pop. Coulton explained that no one is old in heaven and no one wears glasses. This news of meeting Pop was a great comfort to Todd’s mother (Pop’s daughter), as she wasn’t sure her dad had been saved. This book led to another relative telling that Pop had attended a revival meeting two days before his death and he had given his life to Christ then. So, the family now had two confirmations that Pop was indeed in heaven.

One of Coulton’s greatest recollection of heaven was how much Jesus loves children. “Jesus loves children,” he repeated often. Coulton’s dad said Coulton’s insistence on Jesus’ love for children caused him to focus more on children’s ministries in the church he pastored. One of the most interesting details for me while reading the book was Coulton’s explanation that God would send a shot of power to Coulton’s dad when he was preaching! The book also includes a picture of Jesus as Coulton saw him in heaven. So, if you want to see a more accurate likeness of Jesus, as He is in heaven today, you have to check out this book. Coulton reveals many more details about heaven that readers will find comforting and reliable.

Soon there will be a copy in our church library, and because it’s so short and riveting, people will be returning it quickly. However, reserve it if you keep missing it.

The retail price is marked $16.99. I purchased mine for under $9. So, some of you may want to purchase a copy and loan it out to all your unsaved loved ones! This book confirms what the Bible has said all along—HEAVEN IS FOR REAL!

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