Review by Pastor Timothy Yap

Natalie Grant-Love RevolutionWith a portend title like “Love Revolution,” Grant is making a grandiose claim. Whether or not this album will revolutionize hearts for God’s kingdom remains in the sovereign hands of God. But sonically, this record finds Grant in safe and familiar territory. Like her 7 last albums, these 12 cuts buy in the same franchise of heavy guitar-bass rock as well as soaring worship ballads. But this doesn’t mean she’s not armed for her ambitious barrage. Grant and her hubby cum producer Bernie Herms have secured songs from the hottest in Christian music including Hillsong’s Rueben Morgan, James Ingram and even American Idol alumnus Jordin Sparks. Thus far she has been zooming up the Christian AC chart with lead single “Greatness of Our God” while sophomore single “Human” is also getting significant airplay.

For paramours of worship ballads, there are spades of them here to impress. In fact, two of them come from Hillsong’s catalogue. The aforementioned lead single “Greatness of Our God” is also culled from Hillsong’s latest album A Beautiful Exchange. Though Grant’s rendition doesn’t have the tenderness of Darlene Zschech’s original, it doesn’t take away the beauty of this worship classic to be. Acknowledging our vulnerability before the sovereignty of God, this is a just worship at its humblest and glorious form. The other Hillsong cover is Brooke Ligertwood’s “Desert Song” performed this time a tad faster with a more hefty input from the electric guitars. Those who are looking for Grant’s piano ballads in the vein of “Held” will be pleased with the scantily clad with self-pretence, “A Song to the King.” Similarly, the hymn-like “The Power of the Cross” is not only Gospel-centered but it is songs like these that will revolutionize the world for God’s glory.

When the tempo perks up with some of the groovier tunes, “Beautifully Marked” is easily the standout. Enmeshed with a R&B vibe, “Beautifully Marked” speaks of Christ’s transforming work in our lives without reserve. While the Jordin Sparks co-write “Human” speaks of how we can make a difference in the world. More penetrating is the reasoning why we can be world-changers: such power resides not because of ourselves but because we are made in God’s image. Grant goes back in time to give us a retro-70’s Gospel-style rendition with “Someday Our King will Come.”

Yet, there are a few obligatory numbers that try to sound contemporary but fall flat due to the lack of freshness. Album opener “Daring” and the title cut “Love Revolution” are heavy with heart-pounding drums and bombastic guitar riffs that amount to nothing very different from most other Christian radio staples right now. Though this album is not that far different from Grant predecessor efforts, there’s still a lot (especially with the ballads) that can revolutionize our desire to worship God.

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