Note: Sarah Guntur was the Director of Nursery at Agincourt Baptist Church

I am so blessed to give my witness in Holy Lord’s name. I was born into Hinduism in India. I accepted Jesus as my Saviour on February 18, 1999. Within one year, my parents and my grandmother believed in the Lord too. My father had a business of 50 million Rupees turnover per year and he got a huge financial loss (for around 25 million Rupees) in 1999, the same year I believed in Jesus. My father’s business was closed with un-cleared debts. We were drenched in huge financial debts. We sold our beautiful house which was located in downtown of our native place in India. We sold our lands, property, everything, and even mortgaged my mother’s jewelry; we had to get money and clear the debts. Even though we sold everything, we still have debts for 2 million Rupees as the real debts raised high with interest after all these years. We only had a piece of land which my dad never got a good price to sell it. He was trying to sell that land for 12 years but it never got a good price. People were stressing to clear their debts soon. My parents faced many tribulations all these years from friends and family; our own blood related people separated from us as we lost money and properties.

For 12 years, our family was praying to God to give us salvation from these financial problems. Every time God was answering us through Bible reading, that He is going give us back everything we lost. We were just hoping for that day to come. Six months ago my parents decided to sell that land for low price as they were unable to bear the financial pressures. But God did not allow them to do so. He sent back every deal we got for very low price. Still we had strong faith in Him and waited to see His miracles happen. The blessed day has come in our family: two months ago we got two different buyers who came to buy the 3/4th of our land for 16.5 million Rupees and that deal happened successfully. It only cost 3 million Rupees when we tried to sell it 6 months back. But God made a miracle and blessed us with an amount 4 times bigger than what we expected.

Praise the Lord!! Now my parents are going to give the first share of that money to God: 1.65 million Rupees to construct a prayer tower in our church in India. They are also going to donate money to orphanages, old age homes, mentally disabled people’s organizations and to help in constructing a bible college in India. They cleared all debts and bought a beautiful God blessed house worth 6 million Rupees in the big city of Hyderabad, India just a week ago. This is the blessing for the tears we shed for 12 years. This is the blessing for the problems we faced, this is the blessing for the trust we always have in the Lord. We are His witness and will be forever. Praise The Lord! God Bless us all – Amen!

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